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Preparing for PCPA: MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET in Sunny Santa Maria, CA

Billy joins an all-star cast and crew for MDQ

Fresh off of the Million Dollar Quartet National Tour, Billy prepares to ship out for Santa Maria, CA, where he’ll be rocking out with a killer, new group of artists. PCPA presents Million Dollar Quartet, direction by Kitty Balay, playing June 20 – 29 at the Marian Theatre, Santa Maria, CA, and July 5 – 28 at the Festival Theatre, Solvang, CA.

Billy (Jerry Lee Lewis) is excited to join Chris Wren (Carl Perkins), Nick Voss (Elvis Presley), and Bill Scott Sheets (Johnny Cash) as they recreate that famed night in 1956. Completing the jam session is Scott Fuss (Sam Phillips), Charlotte Campbell (Dyanne), James Gallardo (Brother Jay), and R. Brandon Pollard (Fluke). Billy is thrilled to be returning to California for another summer after just recently bringing the role to The Laguna Playhouse…

[…] His physicalization of Jerry Lee’s style is something to behold. He never stops moving, with all the crazy gyrations and acrobatic stunts he was known for, from sitting on the ground playing with his feet, sitting atop the upright piano and playing the keys beneath and behind him, his ever-stomping rhythm with his right leg accompanying his infamous glissandos and slamming on a bunch of keys, either at the top of the 88s, or the very bottom, producing a loud bass, crashing sound. His brash, allegro style, somehow fitting notes in between notes, while constantly changing positions […] – Valerie-Jean Miller,


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