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REVIEW ROUND-Up: Matchbox Magic Flute at Goodman Theatre

The "Highly-Recommended" production that Chicago audiences are calling "stunning,", "such fun,", and "a beautiful take on a timeless classic," runs through March 24th at Goodman Theatre before heading to DC later this summer.

Left to right, Russell Mernaugh (back), Keanon Kyles (back), Billy Rude (front), Marlene Fernandez (front).

"‘Matchbox Magic Flute’ transforms Mozart’s classic, taking it to fabulous new heights"

-- Kyle MacMillan, Chicago Sun-Times

"[...] a box of treasures, a haze of marvels, a banquet of dreams, the very word delight—gossamer and fleeting."

-- Irene Hsiao, Chicago Reader

"Billy Rude shines as Prince Tamino, cutting a noble but nevertheless relatable figure as he tries to prove himself worthy of his love."

-- Jessie Bond, Splash Magazine

"Rude as Prince Tamino and Fernandez as Princess Pamina shine in their respective roles, both vocally and in their character portrayal."

-- Betsy Schmitt, Buzz News

"Billy Rude, as the noble Prince Tamino, is a gorgeously costumed matinee idol with a voice to match.

-- Doug Mose, ThirdCoast Review

"Mary Zimmerman’s reduced, two-hour musical is in no way watered down. Her show is filled with dazzling visual effects and a gorgeous score, musically directed by the always wonderful Amanda Dehnert. She’s assembled and guided a gifted cast of ten professional actor/singers, several of whom play multiple roles, and supported them with five incredible musicians."

-- Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

MATCHBOX MAGIC FLUTE plays at Goodman Theatre until March 24th, tickets are available here.


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