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Norma Desmond (Hollis Resnik) and Joe Gillis (Billy Rude) in Porchlight Music Theatre’s production of Andrew Llyod-Webber’s Tony Award-winning musical, “Sunset Boulevard” photo: Michael Courier

Critics and Audiences take a trip down SUNSET BOULEVARD, NOW EXTENDED thru DEC. 8 at the RUTH PAGE CENTER for ARTS

“Norma Desmond is played to perfection by  Chicago favorite Hollis Resnik, who nails her character from start to finish.” Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago
“Rude is marvelous as Joe, the would-be screenwriter who has been in Hollywood just long enough to curdle his own dreams […] As vocals go, Rude is in his prime, never more so than in that haunting and angry “Sunset Boulevard.” “THREE AND A HALF OUT OF FOUR STARS” Catey Sullivan, The Chicago Sun Times

Norma (Hollis Resnik) and Joe (Billy Rude)

Norma (Hollis Resnik) and Joe (Billy Rude)

Max (Larry Adams) and Joe (Billy Rude)

Betty (Michelle Lauto) and Joe (Billy Rude)

photos: Michael Courier

“Resnik strikes a great balance as the once-worshiped screen icon who can also be cold and calculating when making demands on those who surround her, mostly Billy Rude, who dazzles as down-on-his-luck screenwriter Joe Gillis” Philip Potempa, Post-Tribune
“Making his main stage debut, Rude is flat-out terrific in the role of Gillis. Lauto’s stunning vocals are a highlight and match perfectly with Rude’s, and their star-crossed love story feels moving and real.” Ed Tracey, PickInSix Review

Hear what audiences are saying about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Tony Award-Winning Sunset Boulevard — Starring Chicago legend Hollis Resnik! NOW EXTENDED thru December 8! Get your tickets NOW at


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